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3 tips to drive safe this winter

Winter can turn a seemingly normal commute into a perilous journey. Snow, ice, and other drivers can be a huge hazard and make it hard to drive safe. Luckily, there’s a few simple things you can do to reduce the likelihood of an accident, and more importantly, keep yourself and your family safe.

1. Give yourself some space.

It can take almost twice as long to stop in the snow or ice as it would on normal pavement. The normal time you should leave between yourself and the car in front of you is 4 seconds. According to AAA you should give yourself 8 to 10 though if you’re driving in bad winter weather.

2. Don’t use cruise control

If you’re on ice and you’re using cruise control a peculiar thing may happen. You can lose traction and your wheels start spinning because cruise control is attempting to keep your speed the same. When you regain traction it can lurch you forward and potentially cause an accident. If you’re on ice, it’s probably best to drive without cruise control.

3. Consider snow tires

According to Edmund’s, winter tires can break a full 16-18% faster than all season tires. That may not seem like a lot, but a few seconds can make all the difference if you’re driving in already harsh weather conditions.

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