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What kind of firm is best to handle your case?

One of the biggest questions that people have once they’ve decided they need a lawyer is “Which do I choose?”. There are certainly a wide breadth of options that are available to you. From the sole practitioner to the firms that seem to own every billboard in Colorado. This post is going to look at firm size and discuss the advantages and disadvantages to various kinds of personal injury firms.

The sole practitioner.

Sole practitioners are certainly an option when looking for legal representation. There are certainly some advantages to going with a sole practitioner.


Access. A sole practitioner likely has a smaller case load than attorney’s at other firms. This makes them more available to speak with you.

Depth. You’re likely going to get more individual work on your case from the attorney himself. This may be valuable if you have a particularly unusual case.


A lack of support staff. A sole practitioner may only have 1 or no support staff members. This means the ringing phone falls on deaf ears if they’re in trial or a meeting. With a larger firm there will always be someone to take your call.

Lack of collaboration. With a sole practitioner, you’re relying on their judgement alone. When something they haven’t encountered comes up there’s no senior partner to help.

The large firm.

Many of us know our local large firms well from their billboards, tv commercials, etc. While there are certainly advantages to going with a big name, there are certainly some drawbacks too.


Responsiveness. With a huge amount of support staff, there will always be someone to pick up the phone and answer questions for you.


You will likely talk to your attorney once (If at all!). Unfortunately, with these large mill firms you lose the ability to have any sort of meaningful relationship with the person working on your case.

It’s a numbers game. These firms have a very highly engineered and streamlined process to make money. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean they always have your best interest at heart. With the sheer number of inbound cases they get, there’s a huge incentive to settle right away. Where we give victims a voice, they give you a ticket to stand in line.

The Boutique Firm

This is typically a firm that has between 2 and 10 attorneys on staff. This is the ideal sized firm for most personal injury cases.


A robust support staff. Like the large firms, the staff to attorney ratio is large enough that there’s always someone to pick up the phone and talk to you. The nice thing though is that with a more balanced case load, they can actually take the time to go through your case with you.

Collaboration. With a more built out staff size than a sole practitioner, there’s the ability for your attorney to collaborate with their peers. This can have the advantage of getting more than 1 opinion and adding multiple perspectives to your case.

Patience: With a boutique sized firm like Jordan and Associates the incentive is to do what’s right for their client, not just push cases through. It strikes the balance of resources that allows them to wait for the outcome that is right for you, not their pocketbook.

There’s certainly a lot to consider when it comes to which firm is right for you, but the above guide is a good place to start.

If you’re in need of an attorney that won’t treat you like just another case, we would love to talk.