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New Research Shows Spring Break Brings Increase in Traffic Fatalities

For many colleges across the country, Spring Break is in full effect. For many Spring Breakers, that could mean vacations and getaways and lots of parties. According to a new study from the University of Miami, however, Spring Break may have a darker side - an increase in traffic crashes and fatalities.

The study was sparked by a Miami health economist who - living in a Spring Break hotspot - noticed an uptick in distracted drivers during Spring Break. To put weight behind his assumption that Spring Break could attract more dangerous drivers - researchers attempted to find empirical support by reviewing data from 14 popular Spring Break locations and analyzing national traffic crash data.

Here are a few key points researchers found:

  • Across all 14 Spring Break locations analyzed in the study, there were about 9% more traffic fatalities. The middle of March showed the biggest effect of Spring Breakers on traffic safety.
  • Traffic crashes and citations involving out-of-town drivers and young people rose during the Spring Break period. Researchers suggested both types of drivers could very well be Spring Breakers who are unfamiliar with local roads and more prone to distraction behind the wheel.
  • Researchers suggest that some of the biggest factors behind the increase in traffic accidents and deaths were distraction and fatigue. More young people in the car can increase distraction, and young people on vacation are likely to be fatigued and to text or use their phones behind the wheel.
  • Surprisingly, the data didn’t show any significant increase in alcohol-involved accidents across all Spring Break locations.

The research will likely give parents cause to worry, and should send a clear reminded to anyone enjoying Spring Break - or who lives in a popular Spring Break destination - that safety behind the wheel should be the top priority. Whether you’re drinking or just traveling with friends, consider using public transportation or ridesharing services like Uber.

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