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When to Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Nursing Home AbuseNursing home abuse in the United States has evolved into a widespread epidemic and many of these cases go on unreported, sometimes resulting in the death of a loved one. According to the Nursing Home Abuse Guide, it is estimated that over 3.2 million adults live in nursing homes and as many as 40% of adults will be in a nursing home at some point in their lifetime. Unfortunately, about 44% of those residing in nursing homes reported abuse during their stay. The most important step to take when you suspect a loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse is to make sure you remove them from that dangerous situation.

Along with contacting the authorities to report the abuse, it is also important for you to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible. Depending on the injury or type of abuse your loved one endured, there will be a statute of limitations, so you should not wait and risk not being able to take legal action. Abuse can be more than simply physical and does not have to result in cuts and bruises. Abuse can be emotional, psychological, sexual, and even involve neglect. The elderly are especially vulnerable to financial exploitation, ranging from theft to bank fraud.

When someone in a nursing home is being abused, it is important to recognize and know the signs, some of which include fear around certain staff members, sudden changes in behavior or personality, cuts and torn clothing or other signs of physical abuse, and out of character financial decisions.

At Jordan Law, we are not only passionate, but experienced in standing up for injured clients and their families. You trust a nursing home to care for your loved one and, when those healthcare professionals abuse them in any way, it is a betrayal of that trust. We are here to defend your rights and the rights of your loved one. Call us for a free consultation at 720-897-7010.