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How to Accident-Proof Your Pool Area

Summertime means more and more people will be spending time in and around their pools. With all this activity, it’s time to check and make sure your pool is accident-proof. Get ready for a safe summer with these steps to keep your pool accident-free.

Fence the Area

Appropriate fencing around your pool area is necessary. This can prevent children from falling in, or from entering the pool without supervision. The fence should completely enclose the pool area, and separate it from the house and the rest of the yard. The fence should be at least four feet high, and all entrances to the pool area should have a self-locking gate. The gate catch should be out of reach of children.

You may also wish to invest in an alarm that will notify you when a gate has been opened. Remember to leave the alarm on unless there is active supervision in the pool area. This can prevent children from entering the pool area without your knowledge.

Swimming Lessons

Enroll your children in swimming lessons. This can be the difference between life and death if a child falls into the pool or enters without supervision. Children should never be allowed to be in the pool area unsupervised, but if an accident were to happen, knowing how to swim can protect your children from drowning.

Life Jackets

Children who are not strong swimmers, or who are very young, should wear life jackets whenever they are in the pool area. A life jacket can help protect against drowning, but cannot be substituted for active supervision.

Supervise All Activity in the Pool Area

Any activity near a pool should be watched over by an adult. Make sure there is an adequate ratio of adults to child swimmers. Adults who are in charge of watching the pool should not drink or be distracted by phones or conversation. Even a few seconds of distraction can be enough to miss signs of distress. Active supervision of swimmers and those in the pool area is the surest way to prevent an accident.

Summer fun in the pool can be kept safe with a few precautions. Taking steps to increase the safety of your pool can reduce the liability you have as a homeowner, as well as protect those you love. Prevent accidents and protect your family by following the above tips, and accident-proofing your pool today.

Pool-related accidents can often end in tragedy. If you or a loved one has experienced a swimming pool accident, you need the dedicated legal representation of ourDenver personal injury attorneys. Contact Jordan Law today to find out more about your free case evaluation.

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