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Why You Should Take Mild Brain Injuries Seriously

Mild brain injuries, such as concussions, are a relatively common type of damage. In 2013, around 2.8 million people visited the emergency department, were hospitalized, and died of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Despite the fact that concussions are considered less significant types of brain damage, they are nothing to sneeze at.

Many times, closed head injuries are difficult to diagnose without sufficient training. A closed head injury includes damage to the soft tissues of the brain without showing damage to the skull or even skin above the wounded area. They can lead to hematoma, which is a clotting of blood outside the blood vessels. Hematoma could result in pressure built up inside the skull, which can cause unconsciousness, seizures, or lethargy.

Closed head trauma could also happen in the form of a brain contusion, which is bruising of the brain tissue. If blood is absorbed into the cerebrospinal fluid of the brain, it can cause permanent neurological damage. Likewise, a diffuse axonal injury is a possibility. This type of harm often happens in high-speed accidents or if babies are shaken. The damage could cause brain swelling and intracranial pressure, enough of which could put people into vegetative or coma states. However, people would have to rely on close observation of the affected person to determine whether or not damage has been sustained.

Brain damage can cause some severe debilitative states. Some individuals who experience TBI must live on disability for life, as their cognitive functions are less capable than they used to be before the damage. Mild brain injury can be just as dangerous. Even the smallest changes to the brain can result in a shift in behavior, a change in thinking, mood swings, and potential losses of memory.

Recovery time is often variable. There is no set timeframe by which doctors can definitively say whether or not a mild brain injury has healed completely. Likewise, those who experience concussions, for example, are statistically more likely to sustain another concussion than those who never experienced one to begin with.

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