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Jason Jordan Tesitifies Before the Senate State Affairs Committee in Support of House Bill 1254.

On Wednesday May 3rd, Mr. Jordan was asked to testify before the Senate State Affairs Committee in support of House Bill 1254 which would remove the $436,070 cap on wrongful death damages of a minor child. Unfortunately the bill died on a party line split vote with three republicans siding with insurance companies and two democrats voting in support of grieving families.

Mr. Jordan's response to the outcome of the bill:

"The messaging campaigns about “greedy trial lawyers” have been remarkably successful and very misleading. It is not just about money to us. We represent real people and families during difficult times, and fight to help them seek justice. Money damages are the remedy under law, which is why we have insurance. Unfortunately, insurance companies that oppose this legislation, the one’s that claim it’s about greedy trial lawyers, prioritize profits over people.

Half of the states in this country have no caps on damages and most have lower insurance premiums than those in Colorado. The argument that premiums will rise is nonsense, and caps only succeed in taking away our 7th Amendment right to trial by jury. The real insult is that we are not even allowed to tell the jury about the caps – the judge reduces the verdict. In a past case, we had a judge tell the jury about the cap and the fact it would be reduced. Jurors were so angry, they were yelling at me outside the courtroom. The system is flawed."

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