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At Jordan Law, we strive to provide the best legal representation for our clients. In order to do so, we limit the amount of cases that we handle to allow us to handle each case thoroughly, and in order to allow us to provide our clients with the highest level of personal representation possible. We are not a “high volume” practice that specializes in generating a high quantity of cases; instead, we are a practice that focuses on the quality of representation.

If you are an injured victim, it is important to note that your rights are going to be under attack from the very beginning of your case. The insurance company views your case as a “file”. An adjuster, or lawyer, for the insurance company is going to be handling a “file”, not a person’s case. If an injured victim finds himself or herself hiring an attorney that handles a high volume of cases, it is likely that the injured victim is going to have an attorney working a “file”, and thus has an attorney who is completely unable to truly be an advocate for the person injured. This is what differentiates us from so many other firms in that we strive to provide quality personal representation.

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