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Explosion Accidents in Colorado

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Speak with a personal injury attorney serving Denver injury victims as soon as possible if you have suffered injuries in an explosion. You deserve tough compensation from a trustworthy firm like Jordan Law. We are prepared to stand up for you during this time and protect your rights and your interests.

Explosions can result in multiple types of injuries, among them:

What Do I Need to Know After an Explosion Accident?

It is important that you act quickly. Whether the explosion occurred in conjunction with a workplace injury or some other type of accident, the statutes of limitations laws may affect how long you have to obtain restitution. Our firm will have a much simpler time building a strong case for you if you contact us quickly. This will allow us to better determine the cause of the explosion, by examining the key factors involved and who could have been responsible for the catastrophe.

Compassionate Denver Personal Injury Lawyers

Following an explosion accident, receive the help you need in order to recover the compensation you deserve to protect your future. You deserve to hold the liable party responsible for the accident.

Explosions can occur in conjunction with numerous types of accidents:

  • Car accidents/truck accidents/motorcycle accidents
  • Chemical plant accidents
  • Steel mill accidents
  • Plant/refinery accidents
  • Grain bin accidents
  • Fertilizer plant accidents
  • Power plant accidents

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