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Fracking Injuries

Fracking Accidents in Denver

Millions of Dollars Won for Denver Injury Victims

Fracking is a shorthand term for “hydraulic fracturing,” which is the process of releasing natural gas from shale as an alternative to traditional drilling techniques. This industry has led to gainful employment for many. Unfortunately, as with any new industry, there are also associated dangers.

Various types of injuries can affect fracking workers; including:

  • Truck/vehicle accidents including tanker trucks, dump trucks, fracking water pump trucks, and operator trucks, just to name a few
  • Spilled fuel
  • Chemical exposure/exposure to fracking brine
  • Rig accidents
  • Fires/explosions
  • Machinery/equipment malfunction or accidents caused by user error

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Non-Worker Fracking Injuries

Even nearby residents not associated with fracking can suffer injuries caused by this industry. For example, fracking has been linked to polluted air and water supplies. If you or your loved one has suffered illness or injury that occurred in relation to an environment contaminated by fracking operations, we urge you to call a Denver personal injury attorney.

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