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What Should I Do If My Car Accident Attorney Is Taking Too Long to Get Me a Settlement?

Car accidents cause a lot of stress. If you’re injured, there’s stress while you recover. Even if you’re not injured, there’s the stress of finding a replacement car or waiting for car repairs. There’s the stress of dealing with insurance companies. It impacts your finances for days and even weeks if you can’t return to work immediately. Someone else caused the accident, yet you feel like you’re the only one paying for that other driver’s behavior. Even a normal insurance
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I Was Involved in a Rideshare Accident. What Should I Do?

Rideshares have grown immensely in popularity. A rideshare could be an arrangement between coworkers where they travel together to save money and hassle. A more common rideshare arrangement is with a company like Lyft or Uber. You summon a driver to get you from one location to another for a fee. What happens if you’re in a rideshare accident? You might think that the driver’s personal auto insurance coverage will pay for your lost wages, medical bills, and property damage,
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Should I Go to the Hospital After a Car Accident?

Every hour, car accidents impact people in all corners of the U.S. The Colorado State Patrol releases information on crashes and distracted driving, speeding, and DUI are the leading three causes of traffic accidents. You never know when another driver may be texting, race through an intersection or around a corner, or swerve into your lane while drinking and driving. Defensive driving helps, but it’s not a fail-proof measure. After an accident, your body is handling the stress response by
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Can I File a Lawsuit if I’m Involved in an Accident Due to Snow or Ice on a Street?

Wintry roads wreak havoc on normal activities. You’re driving to work and another driver slides through an intersection and into your car. You’re crossing the street while walking your dog, but you slip on ice and break a rib in the fall. Those are examples of the way people are injured on icy or snowy streets. You’re not expecting to be injured when you leave your home. When you are and it’s due to road conditions, it’s frustrating. You could
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My Personal Injury Lawyer is Taking Too Long. What Should I Do?

When you’re injured, the pressing need for money to cover bills weighs heavily. You have medical bills to cover right now and waiting is driving you closer and closer into debt. You can’t work because you don’t have a car or are still healing, and the loss of income isn’t helping. You don’t want to accept an auto insurance company’s settlement offer if it seems too low. Yet, it doesn’t seem that your personal injury lawyer is moving fast enough.
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I Was Injured on Public Transportation. What Should I Do?

All over the United States, people rely on public transportation to get them from one point to another. The Regional Transport District in Colorado puts ridership at more than 97.6 million during 2018. The odds of being in an accident while using public transportation are low. Driving a car is riskier. That doesn’t mean an accident will never happen. If you are injured using public transportation, what do you do? Colorado’s Common Carrier Laws and Proving Liability A common carrier
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Three Requirements for Wrongful Death Lawsuits

The loss of a loved one is difficult. In addition to the emotional impact, there’s the stress of arranging a burial or cremation. Medical bills and other financial matters add to the strain. When you suspect the death of your loved one was preventable, the grief is unimaginable. When someone’s negligence or actions caused that death, a wrongful death claim may help you gain a financial recovery of the damages. Wrongful death claims aren’t available for everyone. There are three
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I Was Involved in a Car Accident With a Bus. What Should I Do?

Any car accident is traumatic. When you’re involved, physical injuries are part of the trauma you face. There’s also the emotional aspect. You’re going to be in shock and may find it hard to get back behind the wheel or in a car. You might avoid the area where the crash occurred as it brings back the feelings of distress. When you’re in a car accident with a bus, it’s harder. The size of the bus increases the risk that
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What To Do When Your Doctor Is Negligent

You suspect your doctor was negligent. You’re understandably upset and want justice. Before you start accusing that doctor of malpractice, there are some things you should know and do. The Most Common Forms of Medical Malpractice One of the best places to start is by looking at the different types of malpractice. Does one of them fit your situation? #1 – Birth Injuries Injuries caused during birth are one of the types of medical malpractice. Many things can go wrong
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I Lost Wages From a Car Accident; What Should I Do?

Car accidents cause two main types of injuries. There are the injuries caused by impact (whiplash, bruises and broken bones caused when your body hits parts of the vehicle) and others caused by something penetrating the skin. After a crash, it’s not uncommon to need time off from work. Using up your vacation, personal, and sick time seems unfair if the car accident was another driver’s fault. If you’re injured in a car accident, you need to know how you’re
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