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How a Traumatic Brain Injury Can Lead to Suicide Risk

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can affect survivors in unique and unpredictable ways. Each individual, injury, and case is different from the next. One pattern researchers have explored in the past is a possible connection between brain injuries and risk of suicide. A recent study from Denmark has shed light on this phenomenon through an extensive study of 34,529 suicide deaths over the course of 35 years. The study concluded that TBIs could, in fact, increase the risk of suicide. Long-Term
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How to Negotiate an Insurance Settlement

Insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing claimant’s damages when offering insurance settlements. It is generally an insurance company’s goal to save money and convince the claimant to settle for as little as possible – not to maximize the claimant’s recovery. It is the claimant’s job, therefore, to negotiate with the insurance company for a fairer amount. Use these tips for how to negotiate an insurance settlement to improve your odds of obtaining maximum recovery. Report Your Accident Right Away The
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The Importance of filing a Workplace Lawsuit

The importance of filing a Work Injury Lawsuit The prosperity of Colorado and our whole nation workforce depends on the labor of millions of hard-working citizens. Sadly enough, a significant number of people are forced to work in dangerous conditions because the priority of its employers is profit over safety. Whenever a work injury occurs, their employment is also ruined. On top of the physical harm, there are medical expenses and prolonged loss of wages, driving their families into bankruptcy
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Why Filing a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit May Change Your Life

Suffering an injury because of a vehicle accident is a terrible experience already. But if you were driving a motorcycle when the accident occurred, everything can become much more complicated. Bikers are much more vulnerable to physical damage than car drivers, as they have no other protection than the clothes they wear. If one of the vehicles involved in the crash was running at high speed, the motorcyclist may suffer tremendous injuries or even die, and the vehicle may get
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Who Is Liable for my Injury at a Sporting Event?

Sports games are some of the most popular crowd events in the United States. Nobody who attends a baseball or football game plans for an injury, but, unfortunately, hazards exist that can lead to injury for innocent bystanders. The question is, in the event of an injury, who is liable for damages? Understanding Injury A few common injuries can occur during a sporting event – premises injuries, or injuries from being hit with a ball or puck. Premises liability includes
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Why should you file a nursing home neglect or abuse lawsuit?

When abuse and neglect occur in nursing homes, it is important to act as soon as possible. These serious offences should never go unpunished. Your elderly relatives are vulnerable and frail, much like your children, and the duty of any nursing facility is to look after them. Every time a nursing home breaches your trust by causing any harm to those you love, the damage they caused to their lives may be irreparable. Filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit may
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Traces of Monsanto’s “cancer-causing” Roundup found in children’s breakfast cereals

According to a new study, glyphosate, the main ingredient of the controversial weed killer Roundup, was found in a number of popular children’s breakfast cereals and food. The report was published by the non-profit organization Environmental Working Group (EWG) showed that traces of the herbicide could be found in 31 out of 45 products tested.  Foods tested in the independent EWG laboratories included popular brands of oatmeal, oat cereals, snack bars, and granola such as Cheerios, Quaker, Back to Nature,
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Bayer AG announces pulling contraceptive Essure off the market

On July 20, 2018, Bayer announced it will voluntarily discontinue sales of its controversial Essure permanent birth control implant in the United States at the end of this year, citing business reasons. In a statement, Bayer said the decision is based on a decline of US sales of Essure in recent years and that the Essure business was no longer sustainable. Essure was marketed as a nonsurgical alternative to tubal ligation. Essure is a small, flexible metal coil that fits
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How to Prove a Distracted Driver Caused a Crash

Activities such as texting, eating, and using a smartphone while driving often play a role in serious car accidents. If you recently sustained injuries in a crash with a distracted driver, how can you prove it? An personal injury attorney in Denver can help you decipher ways to prove distracted driving caused your crash; here is how to start the process. Include It in a Police Report When police respond to the scene of an accident, you have an opportunity
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U.S. Senator finds Big Pharma paid to minimize opiates risks

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) recently started an inquiry to find out more about the opioid epidemics and found many drug makers guilty of corruption. During her recent probe, the Senator asked several large pharmaceutical companies and distributors, such as Teva Pharmaceuticals, McKesson, Allergan and others, to explain how they actively monitor suspicious orders of painkillers. The results of this investigation uncovered how Big Pharma ignored the red flags and paid well over $10.5 million in the last few years to promote the use of
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