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Birth Injuries

When to Contact a Birth Injury Attorney

When an injury occurs to a baby or mother during labor or delivery, the harm may have been unavoidable. If, however, the treatment selected by the doctor was wrong or the physician failed to take proper care, our firm encourages you to contact our Denver personal injury attorneys at your earliest convenience. A medical team has a responsibility to ensure that the delivery process of a child is as safe and simple as possible for both mother and baby. Medical
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Gestational Diabetes in Mothers: What Happens When It’s Misdiagnosed?

Expectant mothers who take all precautions and regularly visit medical professionals throughout their pregnancy have every reason to believe they will be treated and cared for according to accepted medical standards. When doctors, nurses, or other health care providers fail to provide a reasonable standard of care, commit acts of negligence, or fail to properly diagnose conditions, both mothers and babies face increased risks of suffering harm. This is especially true of gestational diabetes, which can lead to more difficult
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Potential Complications from Vacuum Extractors

During labor, there are times when a mother may have trouble pushing and delivering the baby, prolonging the time of labor. It is in these situations that doctors may look towards birth-assisting tools to help aid the delivery. One of the tools commonly used is a vacuum extractor. This device consists of a soft or hard cup applied to the top and back of the baby’s head. It is used with suction to help the baby out of the birth
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