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Car Accident

What Should I Do If My Car Accident Attorney Is Taking Too Long to Get Me a Settlement?

Car accidents cause a lot of stress. If you’re injured, there’s stress while you recover. Even if you’re not injured, there’s the stress of finding a replacement car or waiting for car repairs. There’s the stress of dealing with insurance companies. It impacts your finances for days and even weeks if you can’t return to work immediately. Someone else caused the accident, yet you feel like you’re the only one paying for that other driver’s behavior. Even a normal insurance
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Can I File a Lawsuit if I’m Involved in an Accident Due to Snow or Ice on a Street?

Wintry roads wreak havoc on normal activities. You’re driving to work and another driver slides through an intersection and into your car. You’re crossing the street while walking your dog, but you slip on ice and break a rib in the fall. Those are examples of the way people are injured on icy or snowy streets. You’re not expecting to be injured when you leave your home. When you are and it’s due to road conditions, it’s frustrating. You could
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I Was Involved in a Car Accident With a Bus. What Should I Do?

Any car accident is traumatic. When you’re involved, physical injuries are part of the trauma you face. There’s also the emotional aspect. You’re going to be in shock and may find it hard to get back behind the wheel or in a car. You might avoid the area where the crash occurred as it brings back the feelings of distress. When you’re in a car accident with a bus, it’s harder. The size of the bus increases the risk that
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I Lost Wages From a Car Accident; What Should I Do?

Car accidents cause two main types of injuries. There are the injuries caused by impact (whiplash, bruises and broken bones caused when your body hits parts of the vehicle) and others caused by something penetrating the skin. After a crash, it’s not uncommon to need time off from work. Using up your vacation, personal, and sick time seems unfair if the car accident was another driver’s fault. If you’re injured in a car accident, you need to know how you’re
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5 Shocking Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Every day, motorcyclists get on their bikes to go to work, go for a ride, or head to a local business or home. While many get to their destination safely, others never make it home. Per NHTSA statistics, in 2014, almost 5,000 motorcyclists were killed and 92,000 were injured. Here are five shocking motorcycle accident statistics you need to know before you get on your bike. #1 – An Average of 4 out of 10 Motorcycle Riders Do Not Wear
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Can I Have A Case If I’m Involved In An Auto Accident With No Injuries?

Every day, there are thousands of vehicle crashes. That number fluctuates, but there were almost 7.28 million crashes in 2016. It breaks down to almost 20,000 crashes per day. And, those are just the accidents where police were called to the scene. Many crashes are so minor that you walk away with no injuries. If that’s the case, can you still file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver? Personal injuries do not have to be physical injuries. They
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Safe driving tips to avoid vehicle accidents in Colorado

Safe driving is extremely important to protect you and your family from harm. Car accidents may have catastrophic consequences, and the best way to take care of those you care about is to prevent them from happening. More than 600 people lose their lives on Colorado’s highways every year – more than two deaths a day. Thousands more suffer a serious injury that will transform a quick road trip into a tragedy. Most of these accidents are entirely preventable since
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Marijuana Legalization & Auto Accident Rates

The effect of marijuana legalization on auto accident rates has been a concern for many in states like Colorado, where recreational use is permitted. Marijuana has been found to impair drivers similar to the impairment caused by alcohol. Many worried that the rates of auto accidents would rise as drivers under the influence took to the roads. Several years after the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, studies are beginning to examine the effects of legalization on car accident rates. In
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Top 3 Safe Driving Habits for Teenagers

From the rugged Rocky Mountains to the bustling streets of Denver, excitement and adventure await teenagers on summer break. Research shows, however, that fatal teenage driving accidents are on the rise. With the influx of teenage drivers on the road during the summer, it is important to remember safe driving habits and some commonsense guidelines to stay safe. Here are 3 safe driving habits for teenagers: Be cautious of your passengers Teen drivers with teen passengers are at a high
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Federal Auto Accident Case Won Against Geico Insurance

Any lawyer will tell you that real-life trials are nothing like the dramatic portrayals you see on TV. Witnesses never “confess” from the stand, lawyers aren’t always on the attack (and don’t yell), and you’ll rarely see a dramatic event occur in court. In fact, judges and attorneys sometimes do their level best to make trials as uneventful as possible. However, there are some cases where the drama is unavoidable. In a recent victory, a Jordan, Herington & Rowley Denver
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