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My Child Was Injured at a Daycare or Summer Camp. What Should I Do?

In 2012, 9,058 injuries were reported to the Office of Child Care. That’s not a complete list, however, as only 28 states actually report all information on daycare injuries to the government. Some states only report serious injuries or injuries resulting in death. Some only report the injuries if they’re related to child abuse or neglect. That covers the injuries at daycares, but what about summer camp injuries? In 2005, about 180 injuries were reported. It’s estimated that 1 out
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Traces of Monsanto’s “cancer-causing” Roundup found in children’s breakfast cereals

According to a new study, glyphosate, the main ingredient of the controversial weed killer Roundup, was found in a number of popular children’s breakfast cereals and food. The report was published by the non-profit organization Environmental Working Group (EWG) showed that traces of the herbicide could be found in 31 out of 45 products tested.  Foods tested in the independent EWG laboratories included popular brands of oatmeal, oat cereals, snack bars, and granola such as Cheerios, Quaker, Back to Nature,
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Proving Your Doctor Is Responsible for Your Child’s Birth Defect

Discovering that your baby was born with a birth defect that could affect his or her health and well-being can be devastating. It can be even more disheartening to know that a person you trusted – your health care provider – could have played a role in your baby’s medical condition. Birth injuries are very serious matters that may arise from medical malpractice. These errors not only take an emotional toll on your family, they also lead to a rash
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How to Prevent Winter Sports Injuries for Your Teens

Winter is here and that means winter sports activities are in full gear. As a parent, you want to support your teenagers as they take to the slopes or the ice. That doesn’t mean you stop worrying. Keeping them safe and healthy is paramount as their parent. At Jordan, Herington & Rowley, we understand how an injury can change a life and how a little preparation can go a long way toward ensuring safety. Here are some of the top
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Top 4 Tips for Playground Safety

Summer weather means more time to go outside and play, and you may be looking forward to taking a trip to the local playground with your child. Playground accidents can be a risk, though. Follow these quick tips to ensure the playground is safe, and prevent playground injuries. Check the Playground Equipment Before allowing your child to play on the playground, give the equipment a quick check for defects like rust, exposed screws or nails, loose pieces, or other dangers. Take
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