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Hospital Mixes Up Patients Resulting In Penis Shortening, Impotence, and Incontinence From Unnecessary Prostate Surgery; Jury Awards $12.25 Million Verdict

POLK COUNTY, Iowa, April 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ –A Polk County, Iowa jury awarded $12.25 million in a unanimous verdict after just 3 hours of deliberations to a man who underwent a debilitating and unnecessary prostate cancer surgery, which resulted in the shortening of his penis, complete loss of the ability to have an erection, and urinary incontinence.  The Iowa Clinic and pathologist mixed Mr. Huitt up with another patient who actually did have cancer. For over three months, Mr. Rick Huitt and his wife of 45 years Judy
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Car crash in Vail Pass – Eastbound Interstate 70 closed

On Sunday afternoon, two Eastbound lanes of Interstate 70 were closed in multiple spots after a major car crash near Vail Pass. Due to the continued snow, several vehicles slid off the road and officials were unable to estimate how long the interstate would need to remain closed. Thankfully, no drivers suffered any serious injuries as a consequence of the accident. The Colorado Department of Transportation announced that the interstate is closed at mile markers 176 and 184, between Vail
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Marijuana Legalization & Auto Accident Rates

The effect of marijuana legalization on auto accident rates has been a concern for many in states like Colorado, where recreational use is permitted. Marijuana has been found to impair drivers similar to the impairment caused by alcohol. Many worried that the rates of auto accidents would rise as drivers under the influence took to the roads. Several years after the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, studies are beginning to examine the effects of legalization on car accident rates. In
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Top 3 Safe Driving Habits for Teenagers

From the rugged Rocky Mountains to the bustling streets of Denver, excitement and adventure await teenagers on summer break. Research shows, however, that fatal teenage driving accidents are on the rise. With the influx of teenage drivers on the road during the summer, it is important to remember safe driving habits and some commonsense guidelines to stay safe. Here are 3 safe driving habits for teenagers: Be cautious of your passengers Teen drivers with teen passengers are at a high
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The Importance of Maintaining a Safe Home and Yard

Maintaining a safe home and yard is important for the safety of your family, but also for the safety of your friends, guests, workers, and other people who may be accessing your property. Keeping your home free of dangers and equipped with home safety products can prevent mundane accidents such as falls and can protect you from emergencies like fires. Practice some good habits around your home to keep you and your loved ones safe. Smoke Detectors These devices can save
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Federal Auto Accident Case Won Against Geico Insurance

Any lawyer will tell you that real-life trials are nothing like the dramatic portrayals you see on TV. Witnesses never “confess” from the stand, lawyers aren’t always on the attack (and don’t yell), and you’ll rarely see a dramatic event occur in court. In fact, judges and attorneys sometimes do their level best to make trials as uneventful as possible. However, there are some cases where the drama is unavoidable. In a recent victory, a Jordan, Herington & Rowley Denver
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How to Prevent Fires Caused by Fireworks

Fireworks come with many risks if not used properly, including injury and fires. Many of these dangers can be avoided by taking appropriate steps to prepare for emergencies and using fireworks safely. Always follow directions and safety recommendations closely, and read these tips to learn what else you can do to prevent firework-related accidents. Make a Plan Have a plan for how to handle your fireworks. Use them only in a clear space away from buildings, trees, or other flammable
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Common Fourth of July Accidents

Summer is upon us, and many families are starting to prepare to celebrate Independence Day. While fireworks, swimming, and BBQs can be fun, there also is a risk for accidents to occur. This 4th of July, avoid injury by learning about the most common injuries sustained in the celebrations. Auto Accidents Independence Day often brings increased traffic as people travel to celebrate the holiday with friends or family, set out on vacation, or take advantage of the holiday to take
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8 Common Causes of Drowning Accidents

Drowning or near-drowning accidents are tragically common. Near-drowning is the term to describe when a person suffocates from water, but is able to be revived. Near-drowning can be fatal later without medical attention, and can cause other complications as well. Learn the most common causes of drowning and near-drowning accidents and how to prevent them. Inability to swim Young children may not be adequate swimmers or older people may never have learned to swim, but they may find their way
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Can a Brain Injury Cause Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are often linked. Often the two conditions are sustained in the same event, and can share many symptoms that may leave victims wondering if the two are related. Can a brain injury cause PTSD? In short—no. Brain injuries are physical traumas that occur when a person experiences a blow to the head, a whiplash injury, or oxygen deprivation. TBIs are neurological disorders that have a physical cause, and can affect functioning
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