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Why Filing a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit May Change Your Life

Suffering an injury because of a vehicle accident is a terrible experience already. But if you were driving a motorcycle when the accident occurred, everything can become much more complicated. Bikers are much more vulnerable to physical damage than car drivers, as they have no other protection than the clothes they wear. If one of the vehicles involved in the crash was running at high speed, the motorcyclist may suffer tremendous injuries or even die, and the vehicle may get
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The Importance of Maintaining a Safe Home and Yard

Maintaining a safe home and yard is important for the safety of your family, but also for the safety of your friends, guests, workers, and other people who may be accessing your property. Keeping your home free of dangers and equipped with home safety products can prevent mundane accidents such as falls and can protect you from emergencies like fires. Practice some good habits around your home to keep you and your loved ones safe. Smoke Detectors These devices can save
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How to Prevent Fires Caused by Fireworks

Fireworks come with many risks if not used properly, including injury and fires. Many of these dangers can be avoided by taking appropriate steps to prepare for emergencies and using fireworks safely. Always follow directions and safety recommendations closely, and read these tips to learn what else you can do to prevent firework-related accidents. Make a Plan Have a plan for how to handle your fireworks. Use them only in a clear space away from buildings, trees, or other flammable
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Common Fourth of July Accidents

Summer is upon us, and many families are starting to prepare to celebrate Independence Day. While fireworks, swimming, and BBQs can be fun, there also is a risk for accidents to occur. This 4th of July, avoid injury by learning about the most common injuries sustained in the celebrations. Auto Accidents Independence Day often brings increased traffic as people travel to celebrate the holiday with friends or family, set out on vacation, or take advantage of the holiday to take
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8 Common Causes of Drowning Accidents

Drowning or near-drowning accidents are tragically common. Near-drowning is the term to describe when a person suffocates from water, but is able to be revived. Near-drowning can be fatal later without medical attention, and can cause other complications as well. Learn the most common causes of drowning and near-drowning accidents and how to prevent them. Inability to swim Young children may not be adequate swimmers or older people may never have learned to swim, but they may find their way
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What to Do if Your Child Is Injured Due to Defective Equipment

We often expect that playgrounds designed for children will be safe. Sometimes, this isn’t the case, and playground equipment can fail dangerously. Playground equipment may become dangerous for a number of reasons. Equipment may have a manufacturer defect, it may have been improperly installed, it may have been adequately maintained, or it may just be suffering from wear and tear. Whatever the case may be, a playground can cause great harm if the equipment is not in top shape. Some common
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What to Do if Your Child Is Injured On Another Person’s Property

Children are natural explorers, which can result in injury. If your child is injured on another person’s property, you may be concerned with how you’ll pay for medical expenses. Your child may be facing severe injuries and the life-changing consequences of them, and navigating the process of filing a claim may be low on your list of priorities. If there is a premises liability policy in place, such as homeowner’s insurance, it is likely that your child will be covered
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7 Common Summer Injuries to Watch Out For

Summer is coming quickly, and as the weather warms up, many people are excited to get outside and participate in their favorite summer activities. Time spent outside in the sun can lead to a number of injuries or illnesses. The most common of these can be easily avoided, and with a little preparation, you can have a safe and healthy summer this year. 1. Sunburn One of the top summertime injuries, a painful sunburn, comes from exposure to the sun’s
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What You Should Know About Rear-End Accidents

Involved in a rear-end accident in Denver? Jordan Law provides guidance on what you should expect to effectively handle your case. This type of accident is one of the most common types of vehicle accidents in the United States, making up about 40 percent of the collisions that occur each year, a statistic obtained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In most cases, the driver who hit the rear-end of the other vehicle will be held at fault.
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Things That Could Sabotage Your Injury Claim

After suffering a personal injury as the result of a person’s negligent actions, you will need to file a claim to pursue monetary compensation. There are many mistakes that you can make that will ruin your case and prevent you from recovering the compensation you rightfully deserve. Even simple mistakes can be made that will entirely sabotage your case. On a positive note, doing the reverse of these actions can help prevent the insurance agent from stonewalling. Here are the mistakes
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