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I Was Involved in a Rideshare Accident. What Should I Do?

Rideshares have grown immensely in popularity. A rideshare could be an arrangement between coworkers where they travel together to save money and hassle. A more common rideshare arrangement is with a company like Lyft or Uber. You summon a driver to get you from one location to another for a fee. What happens if you’re in a rideshare accident? You might think that the driver’s personal auto insurance coverage will pay for your lost wages, medical bills, and property damage,
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Should I Go to the Hospital After a Car Accident?

Every hour, car accidents impact people in all corners of the U.S. The Colorado State Patrol releases information on crashes and distracted driving, speeding, and DUI are the leading three causes of traffic accidents. You never know when another driver may be texting, race through an intersection or around a corner, or swerve into your lane while drinking and driving. Defensive driving helps, but it’s not a fail-proof measure. After an accident, your body is handling the stress response by
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My Personal Injury Lawyer is Taking Too Long. What Should I Do?

When you’re injured, the pressing need for money to cover bills weighs heavily. You have medical bills to cover right now and waiting is driving you closer and closer into debt. You can’t work because you don’t have a car or are still healing, and the loss of income isn’t helping. You don’t want to accept an auto insurance company’s settlement offer if it seems too low. Yet, it doesn’t seem that your personal injury lawyer is moving fast enough.
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I Was Texting While Walking and Struck by a Car. Who Is at Fault?

In 2018, close to 100 pedestrians were killed in car accidents in Colorado. The number of pedestrians killed so far in 2019 is also higher than it needs to be. Colorado Department of Transportation urges pedestrians to take an extra step while they’re out walking. Never step into a roadway until you’ve made eye contact with all drivers at an intersection or in a roadway. Looking directly at them lowers the chances of injury caused by a driver claiming they
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I Was Injured in a Highway Car Accident. What Should I Do?

Over 6.45 million accidents took place in the U.S. during 2017. The majority caused only property damage, but just under 1.89 million involved injuries and 34,247 involved fatalities. Excessive speed and impaired driving with the two most common causes of fatal crashes. That’s a lot of crashes. Usually, crashes at higher speeds cause more damage and injury. NHTSA estimates that 25.5% of accidents take place on two-lane roads. Highways that have three or more lanes are the most common area
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What Happens When a Stoned or High Driver Causes a Car Accident?

As more states legalize marijuana, questions arise on what happens if you’re in a crash with a stoned or high driver. Colorado is a leader in the legalization of cannabis, and Colorado State Patrol report traffic citations involving marijuana impairment are almost level at 12% in 2012, 17% in 2016, and 15% in 2017. Highway Loss Data Institute reports that collision claims in Colorado increased after the legalization of marijuana. There’s a belief that the legalization and increase in claims
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What To Do When Injured Falling On An Uneven Sidewalk Or Street

The Federal Highway Administration started taking measures to improve pedestrian safety in 2004. The goal was to reduce the number of deaths occurring on streets and sidewalks. Despite that, the number of pedestrian fatalities continues to increase. In 2016, close to 6,000 pedestrians were killed and that was a 9% increase from 2015. Many of these accidents happen at night and for different reasons. One of the reasons is a trip and fall on uneven roads and sidewalks. At night
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I Was Bit and Injured By a Dog. What Should I Do?

Per the CDC, approximately 800,000 people per year are bitten by a dog. Around 42% of those bites are serious enough for a trip to urgent care or a hospital. Many dog bites involve dogs that are known to the victim. It could be the family pet, a friend’s dog, or a relative’s visiting pet. There can also be attacks by a dog that is not as familiar. Leash Laws Don’t Always Stop Dogs From Being Loose or Attacking Leash
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I Was Injured in a Hit and Run Accident. What Should I Do?

During 2015, more than 737,000 people were involved in hit and run accidents. That breaks down to one hit and run within a minute. When you’re a victim of a hit and run, it’s traumatic. You don’t have another driver’s insurance information. Even if the police find out who did it, if the car was stolen, the car owner’s insurance doesn’t have to pay. Your insurance policy may help you if you have uninsured driver protection. Steps to Take After
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What Should I Do If My Child Gets Injured Or Hurt At School?

Injuries in an elementary, middle, or high school setting are alarming, but they’re also common. Estimates are that 9 out of 10 student athletes are injured at some point in their sports career. The CDC reports over 200,000 children are injured on public playgrounds, mainly daycare and school playgrounds. Playground injuries and sports-related injuries are the most common causes of injuries at school. Others include bullying, slip and fall accidents, bus accidents, food poisoning, exposure to lead or asbestos, and
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