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Personal injuries can have devastating consequences for Denver residents. From thousands of dollars in medical expenses and lost wages to the physical and emotional pain and suffering you can endure, an unexpected accident can have a major impact on your well-being. However, you may be eligible for compensation to help you recover from these damages.

Trust the Denver personal injury lawyer at Jordan, Herington & Rowley to represent your personal injury claim. Our injury attorneys have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients over our years of operation, ensuring we will advocate for your best interests from consultation to settlement.

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Why Choose Our Denver Personal Injury Lawyer?

  • At Jordan, Herington & Rowley, we focus on our clients first. Our personal injury attorneys commit themselves to help you obtain the justice you deserve, and we will advocate aggressively for your compensation each step of the way.
  • Our Denver injury attorneys know that honesty and transparency are key in a personal injury claim. We will do everything in our power to keep you informed, maintaining an open line of communication throughout your case.
  • Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis to help lower your out of pocket expenses. You do not have to pay any legal fees unless we secure a settlement on your behalf.

What Is Personal Injury?

A personal injury occurs when you sustain an injury to your mind, body, or emotions as a result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness. The presence of negligence is fundamental to a personal injury claim.

You may suffer physical, emotional, and/or financial damages as a result of the accident, and under Colorado law, you may be eligible for compensation for your damages through a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim. However, you will need to prove that negligence was present and the defendant in your claim is responsible for your injuries.

You may suffer a personal injury during many types of accidents, including the following.

Not all personal injury accidents result in an injury, however; severe cases may result in the death of a loved one. In these situations, you and your family may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit on his or her behalf. To determine whether or not your case qualifies for a personal

Common Injuries in Personal Injury Claims

Physical damages in personal injury claims can range from minor to severe. You may sustain lifelong injuries that require intensive care and have a major impact on your day-to-day life — and a lawsuit or insurance claim can help you obtain the funds you need to recover.

Some of the most common injuries our Denver injury lawyers see in personal injury cases include the following.

  • Traumatic brain injuries. Any blow or penetration to the head can cause serious consequences. From bleeding and swelling to bruising and concussions, traumatic brain injuries can lead to permanent brain damage and difficulty functioning.
  • Broken bones and fractures. Broken arms, hips, legs, hands, and even facial bones are common injuries in many personal injury cases. These injuries often require lengthy recovery times.
  • Neck and back injuries. You may suffer injuries to your neck and back, including injuries to the soft tissue, also known as whiplash. These injuries can cause severe, long-lasting pain.
  • Emotional injuries. Injury accidents can be traumatic events, and you may experience significant emotional turmoil and anguish following the experience. You may also develop certain mental health conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and major depression.

Colorado Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

All civil lawsuits in the state of Colorado are subject to a rule known as the statute of limitations. This rule sets a deadline by which you must file your personal injury lawsuit, or the court will likely dismiss your case.

You have two years from the date of your accident to file your personal injury claim. If you did not discover your injuries until a later date, you have two years from the date of discovery to file your lawsuit.

Filing a lawsuit after the statute of limitations passes will almost certainly cause you to lose your chance at compensation. In addition, waiting to file increases the chance that your witnesses will be unable to give reliable testimony, and your evidence will not be in the best condition.

It is in your best interest to file your lawsuit as soon as possible — contact the attorneys at Jordan, Herington & Rowley to begin the process.

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Damages in a Colorado Personal Injury Claim

You have the right to collect two types of compensation in your personal injury claim: economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages refer to your tangible out of pocket losses, while non-economic damages refer to the intangible pain and suffering you endure as a result of the injury accident.

Under the economic damages category, you can collect funds for your medical expenses, including the costs of surgeries, medications, physical therapy, disability accommodations, and hospitalizations. You may also collect compensation for lost income, including the loss of future earnings if your injuries prevent you from returning to work. Property damage compensation, including vehicle repairs, is also possible.

Non-economic damages are more difficult to quantify. These may refer to any instances of physical and mental pain and suffering you experienced, including the development of mental illnesses, chronic pain, mental anguish, and a loss of quality of life. Your attorney will help you determine which damages you may qualify for and their estimated amount.

Why You Need a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

It may be tempting to represent your personal injury claim by yourself. The process may seem straightforward and your case may seem clear-cut. However, the actual process of investigating, filing, and arguing for your claim requires a great deal of resources you may not have access to, as well as familiarity with the Colorado legal system.

Hiring a personal injury attorney can provide a number of benefits for your claim.

  • Most personal injury cases settle out of the courtroom during negotiations, and negotiating with an attorney or an insurance company can be difficult. Your injury attorney will have the experience and skills necessary to advocate for your best interests in these situations.
  • Your case will require a great deal of investigation in order to determine who was at-fault and the presence of negligence. Your attorney will have access to the resources necessary to conduct this investigation, as well as expert witnesses who can testify on your behalf.
  • Learning how to navigate the Colorado legal system and learning the elements of personal injury law is difficult in any situation, let alone while suffering a serious injury. Hiring a personal injury attorney allows you to focus on your healing, leaving the difficult work to a professional.

Hiring a Denver personal injury attorney is a significant investment in your future recovery. Maximize your case potential and contact an attorney from Jordan, Herington & Rowley to discuss your legal options.

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