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Jordan, Herington & Rowley Announces $20 Million Settlement in Brain Injury Case

Jordan, Herington & Rowley, a Colorado law firm which focuses on personal injury cases, has announced a $20 million settlement in a brain injury case. JHR was brought in as a co-counsel on the case which settled just one and a half weeks prior to trial.

On a summer evening, a young man was riding in a work van in a secured cargo area at Denver International Airport, and sustained catastrophic and life-changing injuries at the hands of another driver who was operating a 71,000 pound three-axle jet fuel tanker truck. The fuel tanker driver failed to observe a yield marking on an active runway, ultimately t-boning the work van and carrying the van approximately 200 feet.

In addition, serious concerns were raised that the fuel tanker truck had not been properly maintained by the corporate defendant employer. Unfortunately, the young man’s injuries were so severe that he required emergency craniotomy surgery and ultimately lost vision in one eye.

As litigation commenced, a significant amount of information was uncovered in the case through extensive discovery. Jordan, Herington & Rowley were successful in adding a claim for punitive damages not only against the individual defendant driver, but also against the defendant employer. As a result of these efforts, we are proud to know that our client, although forever scarred by these horrible events, will be financially secure for the remainder of his long life ahead.

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