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Denver Playground Accident Attorney

Playgrounds offer a fun and healthy place for children to play and exercise. Denver has many types of great playgrounds, including public and private playgrounds and school playgrounds – all built with stringent regulations and safety standards in place keep our children secure. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries can nonetheless occur, resulting in expensive medical bills, pain and suffering for your child, and long recovery times. If your child has been involved in a serious playground accident in Denver due to negligence, the attorneys of Jordan, Herington & Rowley can provide Denver families the help they need to pursue the maximum recovery for their loved one.

Negligent Playground Maintenance

The opening day of a new playground is usually an exciting event, drawing families from around a community to celebrate. As time passes, though, the day-to-day work of maintaining a playground can be overlooked and neglected. Weather and time take their toll on playground equipment, as does the everyday use by children running, climbing, jumping, and finding unique ways to use the equipment.

When a playground is not properly maintained, it can become a hazard to your child’s health. Ropes fray and break; wood becomes soft and can give way; metal pieces can pull loose, leaving sharp edges and creating a dangerous environment. Failure to properly maintain playground equipment is one of the main ways children become injured on playgrounds.

Poor Playground Design

Poorly designed playgrounds and equipment also cause injuries to children. It’s a given that children will fall when they are playing, so it’s crucial that playground designers and owners provide a safe, cushioned surface on which to fall.

Playground equipment may also have poor design, which may result in accidents and injury. This can be a piece of equipment that causes injury in the regular course of use, or a poor design that results in the failure of the equipment, even with regular maintenance. The designers and manufacturers of playground equipment are expected to take reasonable precautions to ensure the products they sell do not cause injury in their expected use.

Poor Supervision Results in Accidents

When you take your children to the playground, you carefully watch over them to ensure they are not doing something that has a great risk of injury. You have a right to expect that when your children are playing at school, the teachers and other staff are showing the same care for your child’s health. In these situations, the school has the responsibility to provide adequate supervision to ensure your child is not harmed in play, either through their own actions or the actions of other children. Failure to properly supervise children in their care is negligent, and may result in injuries from accidents.

Compensation for Injuries

Accident injuries can be as expensive as they are painful for your child. You deserve compensation when your child has been injured through the neglect of others. There are strict limitations on how long you have to file a claim for your accident: If your claim is against a city or school municipality, you may have as little as 182 days from the accident to begin the process.

Childhood injuries may be a fact of life, but your child need not suffer injury through negligence.

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