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Customer dissatisfaction is not unheard of. However, there are times when that dissatisfaction is intense enough to pursue. Product liability cases are when a customer files a suit against a manufacturer or company that has sold them a faulty product.

There are a handful of reasons for a product liability suit. They generally fall into three categories: marketing, design, and manufacturing defects.

Three Types of Defects in a Product Liability Lawsuit

  • Marketing Defect

    • A marketing defect is if there is a problem with the instructions for the product or if there was a warning or note about the product that was not shared.
  • Design Defect

    • A design defect points to a problem with the basic design of the product, as opposed to something that the manufacturer made a mistake on while making it.
  • Manufacturing Defect

    • A manufacturing defect is when the design of the product is good, but the manufacturer makes a mistake during manufacturing. If customers purchased a product that is not functioning correctly because of something that the creator or manufacturer did, they can sue.

One of the more specific reasons that fall under these three categories is if the manufacturer did not put a warning on the product. If something or someone is damaged in some way and there was no previous indication of the possibility of the damage happening, the manufacturer could be at fault.

Reasons to File a Claim

Almost all products come with a warranty. It is a mutually agreed upon deal. The manufacturer promises that it will last a certain amount of time, and the customer promises not to fault the manufacturer if the product malfunctions after that point. If a manufacturer breaches the warranty, it could face a lawsuit.

Another reason to pursue a product liability suit is if a product is recalled. If the manufacturer realized a product it released is defective in some way, it must recall that product and repay the people who bought it, depending on damages that it may have caused. This can happen with products in your home that you didn’t know could injure you, for example, Spray foam insulation which could cause serious fires. The spray is used thermal insulator, but it’s extremely flammable and can be ignited easily, especially if you are getting construction work in your home.

What to Do Before Filing a Claim

If you have been injured by a product and plan on filing suit, be sure to keep the evidence. This includes the product itself and anything that was affected by it. Take pictures of the situation before moving anything, so you can have solid proof in court of what happened.

You will need to know specific information to be able to pursue a case. Find out the manufacturer, model, and a serial number of the product that was defective. If you still have the receipt from when you purchased the item, be sure to save it so you have a physical record. If someone needs to be taken to the hospital, make a note of the doctors, hospitals, and any other information that they give you at the hospital.

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