Top Reasons Why Law Firms Refer Out Personal Injury Cases
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Top Reasons Why Law Firms Refer Out Personal Injury Cases

Have you ever wondered why a personal injury law firm refers you elsewhere? Don’t let it get you down. In many cases, it’s not that the firm feels that you have a weak case. Don’t stop searching for representation. These are the top reasons why personal injury cases get referred to other personal injury attorneys.

The Statute of Limitations Is Fast Approaching

There are laws regarding how long you have between receiving an injury and filing a lawsuit. If that time has passed, lawyers know there is little that can be done. For injury to a person, it’s 2 or 3 years depending on how the injury happened. If it’s a car accident, the statute of limitations is 3 years.

Injury to personal property gives you 3 years in Colorado. Malpractice is 2 years after the discovery of the personal injury or health issue resulting from malpractice. If you are injured or harmed and plan to file a personal injury claim, you should do so as soon as possible.

Sometimes law firms refer you to another firm who can handle your case in a faster manner, or who is large enough to quickly file your case.

The Firm Lacks Experience With Your Situation

Your personal injury complaint may be new territory for an attorney. If the practice has handled hundreds of cases involving medication errors, you call them thinking they’re the perfect fit for your malpractice case. They’ve never handled a malpractice suit involving a mistake made during childbirth and are hesitant. If that’s the case, the firm will refer you to someone they know who has more experience.

There’s a Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of interest are a common reason an attorney will refer you to someone else. For example, you’re suing a driver of a car who was intoxicated and ran a stop sign. The attorney you call is related to that other driver. There’s a conflict of interest that cannot be ignored. The Denver personal injury attorney will refer you to someone else.

If an attorney does represent you despite a conflict of interest, that lawyer could be sanctioned or lose his or her license to practice. Any lawyer will make sure there are no conflicts of interest and refer to another firm if necessary.

Your Type Of Case

Just because a law firm practices personal injury law doesn’t mean they necessarily cover all aspects of personal injury. For example, a firm that focuses on car accident cases may refer you to an expert in medical malpractice if the circumstances warrant it.

The Cost to Try the Case

If a case is going to be too expensive, a law firm will often refer it to another practice. Some of the costs an attorney will run into range from hiring expert witnesses to the hours it takes to research the case and reconstruct an accident. If the best expert witness is on the other side of the country, travel fees, accommodations, and time spent on the stand all drive up the cost.

It can simply come down to the cost to represent you might be more than you’d get in a settlement. In personal injury cases, attorneys typically do not take a fee from you unless you win. If the money won in the end won’t cover the cost to try the case, the lawyer will likely refer you to a practice they feel is a better financial fit.

Looking at this from another angle, Colorado’s comparative negligence rule may also impact the financial outcome. Say another driver hit you when running a stop sign, but you didn’t have your headlights on. If the defense could prove you are equally to blame, the settlement amount could be cut in half.

The Attorney’s Are Booked

It’s not always that your complaint is impossible to win. It can be as simple as the attorneys are too busy. Lawyers don’t want to represent a client if there’s not enough time. They want to be there to answer your questions and address any concerns you have. If they’re overbooked, it’s hard to have enough time for each client.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, attorneys know if a case will take more time than they can devote. If they feel they don’t have the time, they’ll refer you to someone else. It’s not personal. They simply want the very best for you.

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